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Description: Portable and fully autonomous "Large print" inkjet printer.

Advantages: Low weight, compact, ergonomic. Ideal for marking any piece "on the fly" in an industrial environment.

These portable guns advantageously replace the traditional markings with stencil, coding roller and stamp.
Printing surfaces: Prints on all surfaces using a wide range of water-based, ethanol or acetone inks in different colors.

Applications: Marking on cardboard, marking on concrete, marking on plastic, marking on metal, marking on big bag, marking on wood ...

Sectors of activity: Building industries, logistics, wood, metallurgy, plastics, packaging, agriculture, forestry…

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Product Details

Print speed
Print height
12.7 mm or 25.4 mm depending on model
Porous and non-porous supports
Operating temperature
+5° to +45°
1.2 Kg (including battery)
Concrete, Wood, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass
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