Leibinger ® JET2 neo
Leibinger ® JET2 neo
Leibinger ® JET2 neo
Leibinger ® JET2 neo

copy of Leibinger ® JET2 neo


The reliable and easy-to-use inkjet printer for printing on most media and materials.
From 99 € HT / month.

Product Details

Print speed
up to 400m / minute depending on model
Color inks, ketone base, alcohol and aqueous, fast drying and food inks.
Number of printing lines
1 to 3
Character height
1 to 11mm, depending on font type and nozzle.
Ombilic lenght
3 m
Top print
Product detection cell
18 Kg approx.
Location duration
1 to 12 months
On-site installations
Metropolitan France
Consumables, maintenance.
Concrete, Wood, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass
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