OWA Laser remanufactured cartridge for HP C4092A - Black - 2500p

Remanufactured OWA Laser Cartridge for HP C4092A - Black - 2500p

Canon ®
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Product Details

Type of product
Laser cartridges
Compatible Brand
Canon ®, HP ®
OEM reference
HP C4092A, CANON EP-22
CODECO System reference
Laser cartridges
Compatible range
HP LaserJet, CANON LBP, CANON LaserShot
Compatible model
HP LaserJet 1100 ASE, HP LaserJet 1100 AXi, HP LaserJet 1100 SE, CANON LaserShot LBP 1120, CANON LBP 1100, HP LaserJet 1100 Series, CANON LBP 1100 SE, HP LaserJet 1100 Xi, CANON LBP 1110, HP LaserJet 1120, CANON LBP 1110 SE, HP LaserJet 3200, CANON LBP 1120, HP LaserJet 3200 M, CANON LBP 22 X, HP LaserJet 3200 SE, CANON LBP 250, HP LaserJet 3200 Series, CANON LBP 350, HP LaserJet 3200 Xi, CANON LBP 5585 i, HP LaserJet ASE, CANON LBP 800, HP LaserJet AXi, CANON LBP 810, HP LaserJet SE, HP LaserJet 1100, HP LaserJet Xi, HP LaserJet 1100 A
All-in-One Toner Cartridge
Number of pages
Dimensions (mm)
344 x 129 x 206
Autonomy compliance
5% Coverage
Certifications and Eco-labeled products
Nordic Ecolabel, STMC, DIN33870-1
EAN code
Compatible printers
Laser cartridges
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